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The wall stickers, used for decorate furniture or wall stickers, are now representing one of fashion that is spreading like wildfire in Italy and in many other areas of the world. Wall stickers, custom stickers and other forms of decoration have also attracted many famous stylists and designers who have created special lines with logos and images that draw the big names and the fashion house. But the stickers are also widely used to decorate special local custom shops, beauty salons and bedrooms for children. In effect decorate in a particular way and often vary over this decoration also helps to attract customers to feel at home workers in a public place like a bar or restaurant

21 Sep 2010

By: Martina Celegato

But because children anbabies are one of the major subjects they address these market trends: who in fact has never thought of decorating the children room but then renounce thinking about when the baby would grow?! Well now this is possible thanks to wall stickers that even as proposed to the latest U.S. and international design fairs, can be customized by airbrush or even bore the name of the child to apply where you like. These types of adhesives in fact cannot be applied only on the walls but also on other types of removable material with absolute assurance in all types of surfaces. Just because addressed to a primarily for children we must ensure beforehand that the stickers are produced without skimping on materials, rather they are products with the best vinyl, non-toxic paints and without substances those may cause allergies.

In recent times, because this type of decoration allows to follow the fashions, adhesives, and especially the designers involved in the design of these decorative accessories have turned to the revival vintage is increasingly involving the major fashion houses without neglecting the necessary innovations for non-seasonal items like clothes and must decorate entire walls. So much space has been given to optical 50s and 60s fantasies involving the application of geometric shapes softened by circles, spirals and stylized form of flowers and trees. For children rather large space was given to the subject of cartoons from long, successful history of the smallest. But many changes have been made in these subjects to adapt them and make them real furnishings giving the appearance of tables, small tables and applications suitable to stay above the bed or cot.

Very interesting are the fantasies innovative proposals in the spring involving the development of subjects in 3D, real works of art such as lamps, bird cages, drawers that give the appearance of being real, giving to the class and also innovation the room easier. Many experts in communication have compared this to the fashion of tattoos plus the added value of being reversible in time and then to reflect the mood and personality of those who live in a house.

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By Martina Celegato with support of Sticasa

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Martina Celegato