Decorating Your Teens Bedroom

Here are some cool and inexpensive ideas to turn your teens bedroom into a great hangout.

When your kid gets to be a teenager, that little kids furniture and bedroom décor just won’t do. Your teen wants a cool new look, and here’s how you can get it.

9 Jul 2010

By: Lee Dobbins

First of all, don’t toss out that old bedroom furniture yet. Unless the furniture is totally banged up and broken, you may be able to give it a cool new look with some paint and new knobs. Before you start on that, however, you need to figure out the theme of your teen bedroom design.

Todays hot new looks are centered around retro, modern or “cool” designs. Teens actually have pretty good design sense (probably from watching so much TV!) and you can design a really neat room just by adding some new accents. Of course, your teen may need a new desk to do their home work at if the old one no longer works but you can give the old furniture a new look as mentioned above.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot on accents for your teenagers room. Most of the discount department stores like Target offer hip furnishings and accents at discount prices. You can buy inexpensive shelves, or build them yourself, and use it for them to put all their stuff that might normally be thrown on the floor. This will help the room look neat and reduce the clutter.

You can give your teens bedroom a fun but sophisticated look by painting the room in a “cool” color like chocolate, sage or purple and using accents to as focal points. A flokati or rag rug will lend a sophisticated air and you can even put the down as area rugs on top of wall to wall carpeting to give the floor a whole new look. Replace the kids ruffled or theme curtains with tab topped curtains in a denim or canvas for a more adult look.

Bedding for you teen can be plain, or funky – whatever goes with the room. Depending on your teens taste, a neutral colored bed set with nicely textured fabrics like silks or a velvet duvet can add interest with out being too flashy. Or if you want to make the bed a focal point, how about an animal print set or something in bright colors like hot pink and orange?

Accents are where you add interest and give the room personality. Some fun accents include chairs shaped like a giant shoe, faux fur covered lamps in wild colors, bean bag chairs of all types, phones in all shapes and sizes, funky accent pillows, rugs and wall art.

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